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Prayer Requests




Intercessory prayer is one of the most frequent forms of prayer. In the Gospel Jesus tell us; “Ask and you shall receive…”. In this section, you are invited to share your prayer intentions. They will be conveyed to the cloistered community of the Recluses missionnaires de Montréal, who are committed to carrying them in their contemplative prayers, every day!

We also invite you to pray for one another’s intentions! Do not hesitate to support your neighbor through prayer, while indicating that you are praying for them.  Simply click on the “pray” icon to let them know of your support!


Prayer 2020-03-29 17:26:02

Chers frères et soeurs en Christ,

- Je voudrais solliciter des prières pour trouver un emploi et réussir un concours de bibliothécaire cette année. Que le Seigneur m'aide à être le plus productif possible, à avoir les meilleures méthodes. Je prie aussi pour gagner plus d'argent et connaître ainsi une certaine stabilité financière, voire un nouveau travail. Que je fasse un pèlerinage.

Prayer 2020-03-28 10:04:28

God please protect my family and myself and the right to my religion

Prayer 2020-03-27 7:41:41

Please, according to the Glory in Christ Jesus, pray that the Lord will continue to send the Holy Spirit over Maria de Nazare and Michele Rios, that their actions will become blessings. And that all aspects of my life can be blessed and enveloped with a protection that no weapon formed against Me and my Job will prosper against us, amen. Thank You!

Prayer 2020-03-26 5:45:55

Prayer God delivers me from procrastination, supernaturally gives me good studying habits, wisdom, recall and remember all the information I studied for and pass my National Counseling Examination on May 20, 2020.

Prayer 2020-03-24 7:53:36

Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, I am begging you to sell Tom’s mechanic shop soon and please always bless Tom and whoever buys Tom’s shop with Holy Miraculous blessings. GOD bless you forever. Thank you so much.

Prayer 2020-03-24 7:52:03

Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom and me in my work, in my job in my territory at Astellas Pharma with Holy Miraculous blessings. Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS always grant Kathryn, Lauren, Tom and me in my work, in my job, in my territory at Astellas Pharma your Holy Peace.